Friday, May 27, 2011


Click the above photo to check out some of the eats in my hometown of Wahiawa, HI. Nice little article I came across.

Also click the above photo on the origins of the very locally famous "manapua man" or maybe "men" of Hawaii. I've introduced manapua to many of my friends, their wives & kids here in CA and they all love it.

The manapua man used to show up in my neighbor nearly every day, rolling by slowly in a white 70's Chevy cargo van. Just like the ice cream man but he'd be selling sodas, sometimes fried noodles, candies and of course manapua. The man himself was always some guy that looked just like the dude in the above photo, always super nice. There were rumors like "don't buy fried noodles from the brown van, I seen him put boogers in it! go to the white van!"

One time this "new" van showed up in our neighborhood. In this van I saw for the first and only time in my entire life, a much younger haole guy from the mainland who was driving the truck. I knew he was from the mainland because he spoke perfect English, which was very unusual in Wahiawa.

He tried to sell us these pills for a few bucks and called them "atomic bombs". We were like in the 3rd grade so we had fried noodles for 50 cents instead.

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