Friday, May 13, 2011


For all us fight fans, we have been JUNEBUGGED with the latest inside tidbits of the MMA world. I'll do a intro on her later but for now check this out.

Submitted by June:

This week in Vegas, we had the Fighter's Summit presented by Dana & Lorenzo Fertitta, which is sort of a convention where ALL of the UFC (and now Strikeforce) fighters meet at Red Rock Casino for a few days of all-day conferences.

I've attached a picture of just ONE of the days schedules. Crazy huh? 4 days straight of that! For most regular working joes, that'd be rough to sit through. Imagine a bunch of UFC dudes that haven't worked a 9-5 in how long.....all sitting together, sometimes right near their opponents!

Among the topics covered in these "conferences"? You know, just the regular good ol' advice. ;-) Pay your taxes. Don't waste your money. Don't do drugs. Don't bang hookers. But most importantly.... go on Twitter 24/7!!! That last one, the Twitter thing, was literally an all-day seminar. The UFC is paying substantial bonuses to fighters who have the most "active" Twitter accounts.

We all received this huge stack of literature on the dangers of steroids, extreme weight-cutting, etc., but all anyone could think about was Twitter after that. Once Dana mentioned the "substantial bonus" that would be awarded to the most active Twitter-er, I think 10,000 Tweets went out from fighters at the Summit.

Matt Mitrione and Tito Ortiz almost went to blows in the hotel lobby last night.

Matt was just repeating an old joke, which is kinda stupid but kinda classic at the same time.

Q: "Why should Jenna Jameson fight Rashad Evans?"

A: "Because she likes to get slammed by black guys."

Oh snap!! Zing!

Tito was pissed, but no fight actually ensued as the two gentlemen were separated and kindly escorted in different directions. I was kinda curious to see if those two were gonna "take it outside." ;-)


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