Saturday, May 7, 2011


My haole brother from another mother ship made his way over to Shisen Ramen in Cerritos. Here's what he had to say about it...

Submitted by Stevie:

Ok, so let's start here. I had tickets to see the Black Heart Procession with J. Mascis. Yes, the dude from Dinosaur Jr. And if one more person ask me who that is I will be very upset with my friends' music taste.

Anyway back to ramen. Pepe, Brawny and Jimmy Monk from UK popped my ramen cherry about two weeks ago.

Table next to us said "nothing like ramen after a good night of drinking". I was kinda hungover and Jimmy and Brawny had Montezuma's Revenge so we were in for it. It was great! but NO BLACK RAMEN!! And that is what I was after.

So today I got it. Since I'm a round eye I order Garlic Black Ramen, added pork cutlet (thanks Nelson) Lettuce Wraps and Shisen Bao.

After my first ramen experience this was totally different! From broth, to noodle, to pork - all different and great! The cutlet was a little over cooked but was really good once soaked in amazing black ramen broth.

The bao was pork with a teri sauce with a slight smokiness, almost like BBQ. And the dough was great. Sapporo on tap good too!
The only thing I regret was that the daily special was Scallop Ramen and fuck, I love me some scallop! All good I will be back cause they had sooo many options.

Best of luck!

Your Ramen Round Eye,


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