Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Is this really happening?

I guess it is. So here's Seagal back in the MMA media getting more credit for his modified front kick, which as you may know, Machida used this weekend against Randy Couture as I had posted previously.

Here's the post fight conference with Machida, regarding the Glimmer Man kick!


  1. Anderson and Machida, they are both brazilians, so kicking that way must be like samba, like a brazilian mo-jo. Do you remeber that karate kid kick, I think Mr Miagi was brazilian, right? Oh, no he was japanese, that's for sure, but the face kick was the same...banzai!

  2. Well, Seagal would love to take credit for teaching Lyoto the kick, but that's not accurate.


    Seagal has identified that it's difficult to defend because most fighters read the hips as either a right- or a left-high kick and shift defense to the side accordingly, leaving the front open. Eventually, it will be come more common and you'll see a successful adjustment to defend against it.

    Not taking anything from Machida's performance, I was blown away by it. I think he's back on track and look forward to see his next fight. Randy is smart to retire.

  3. mickeydeviant, yeah, Randy didn't expect that one at all. I've definitely never seen Machida bust that move before (or anyone else in MMA for the matter). I totally dig Machida. Some of my friends don't like him for his "elusive" style, but its the exact reason I like watching him fight. And of course he's a real-life Ryu from Street Fighter II.

    Randy is still a tough motherfucking dude though, retired or not. I don't know a single guy who's 47 thats nearly as tough as him.

  4. I like Machida's style too but I can't make a judgement about whether Machida is REALLY back or not based exclusively on the last fight. There were only two rounds and that kick was an unusual happening to say the least. I'm not saying it was just luck, but it was totally unexpected....and I think it's a bit unfair because Belfort and Randy didn't have much time to show their skills.

  5. Randy did say somthing like 'Machida danced around him as if his own feet were rocks'. Either way from the way those 2 rounds looked, I think Machida had Couture no matter what... unless Couture took Machida down and turned the tables.

    Never seen Machida work from the ground that much, personally.

  6. Machida said that his dad---not Seagal---taught him that kick. He and Seagal didn't even cross paths until the night of the fight; at that time Seagal said "use that kick it'll work." And I guess Machida was kinda like, "Yeah, I know!"



  7. JUNE!!!! HOWZIT!!!

    Yeah, I would assume that Machida's probably been taught that kid from his dad since he was a little kid!!!

    It's a fucking trip how Steven Seagal is somehow even remotely involved with two front-kick KO's with two big name dudes... and I want to create a little hype here! hee hee.

  8. Steven Seagal is taking credit for something he didn't do. In fact Van Damme taught Machida that kick and Jackie Chan instructed him do it really well... Come on!

  9. Aloha Nelson!!!! I know, it's pretty nuts to see Seagal in all the walkouts and backstage warmups with the Blackhouse team. This week in Vegas the UFC held a Fighter's Summit where ALL the fighters, managers, and teams come together for a week of meetings with Dana & Lorenzo.

    Noticeably absent?

    Steven Seagal.


    Or maybe he was just at the buffet the whole time! mwahaha

  10. hahahahahaha yes, I gotta agree with that, he must've been at the buffet!

    I seen Seagal once at Ala Moana. Pounding his sounds in a crazy blinged-out Hummer. He didn't even stop for us in the crosswalk!

    us fans want more inside updates from you, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssee...