Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Submitted by June: 

My Favorite Nick Diaz Quotes

Words of wisdom from the ever-subtle fighter from the 209:

Reporter: So Nick, would you agree your marijuana smoking has got in the way of your fight career?

Nick: Actually, on the contrary, my fight career has gotten in the way of my marijuana smoking.

Rogan: So now do you have respect for Diego?

Nick: Naw, not really.

"Diablo? who the fuck calls me diablo?"

“Back in the day, a Ninja didn’t have his girlfriend sitting in the tree waiting to kill shit.”

"I ain't no bitch"

In response to getting hate mail:
"See if people are gonna hate just cause I say the word motherfucker, then fuck them, I don't have time to worry about marketing and shit, in my last fight my hair looked like shit cause all I did was train... I have other letters but I'm not that good of a reader."

"I'm trying to fight Georges motherfucking St.Pierre. I’m trying to fight ....I didn’t mean to call Georges a motherfucker, Georges is a nice guy."

In reference to his fight with Takanori Gomi: “That little fucker hit me with a HADOUKEN or something.”

"For the record, right now, I think someone needed to come out and say it: I think smoking pot is good for mixed martial artists. It's a new day and age, this is, uh, the year ... Fuck year is it? I don't know, because I've been training and smoking pot like I should, instead of paying attention to other bullshit, which I don't do."

On hydrogenated chocolate:
"Some bitch he was talking to tried to offer me this piece of hydrogenated chocolate. What the fuck are these guys into? Give me some real chocolate. Real fighters eat real chocolate."

Talking to fight reporter Ariel Helwani:
"You're the one that was doing all the instigating. Where I come from, people like that get slapped."

A message to competitor Jason Mayhem Miller:
"Don't be scared homie."

"Don't Be Scared Homie" is the like our equivalent to pakajunk's GOOD TIMES BABY. 

[thanks June!]

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  1. That Hadouken quote is fuckin hilarious.
    I mean, who of us would really have somethin like this on his lips when asked?
    Just great...