Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


I always get a kick out of Pepe's autocorrect feature in his iPhone text messages. Many times, more  than I could catch, he would spell out "haha" but it would turn into "gaga" or "haga". If he types in "hahaha" it would automatically turn into "hagafa"

I always imagine some crazed Polynesian Warrior from the South Pacific when he gives me the GAGA HAGAFA. I look forward to it now. Check out a few from the past:


  1. When I try to type hagafa my phone attempts to autocorrect it to hahaha. Weird.

  2. what probably happened was at some point, Pepe typed "hagafa" into his phone so it memorized it!

  3. Mine gives me that damn Haga too . . . Hey Nelson, ahem, Mr. Nelson, how in the hagafa do you do those little icon thingys? I'm afraid to google it for fear of adverse ad placement in my future searches. . .

  4. gaga!

    I always thought =) smiley faces and shit were the most cornball thing ever until one day a friend of mine sent me a text with a emoticon from her iPhone. It was so fucking funny I was hooked.

    Look up "emoticon" or "free emoticon" in the App Store! It was free and so worth it just to text Pepe.

  5. Hagafa! Thanks, doing so now. . . BTW if you own any of those Jessee James workwear pants, don't put the iPhone in the cell phone pocket whist riding. 45 mile trip yesterday and my iPhone leaped out. Several hundred dollars later- new phone+broke. Had to add a new line and lower my minute plan to avoid the $550 charge.