Friday, June 24, 2011


This place is really close to my work and I read that they had decent food, so I checked it out.

I been on this epic journey to find good bean and cheese burritos. I'm hooked on them right now. The Southern California style of re-fried beans smothered with cheese, all wrapped up into a burrito is my current delightful treat of yummy gooey goodness... but anything is good when its "re-fried" in lard! I recently been eating one of these like once a week or so lately. 
I checked out the menu and saw that they offered tripas. I asked if they made them crispy and they did, so I got a taco de tripa appetizer to go.
The taco ended up being pretty good. It did have a crunch to it but still a little chewy. It was better than a bad night at LA PUENTE, but still not the best ever or anything. I'd get it again.And yes, I realize that is deep fried small intestine that I'm eating here below:
Mr. Burrito Frijoles con Queso looked about average from the outside. Nothing special.
Everything was gooey inside as expected. Nothing really amazing to report here.
Even some local burger joints have decent bean and cheese burritos too. I'm still looking for a winner though and this place wasn't quite it. I probably just need to cut the shit and check out of these spots.

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