Thursday, June 16, 2011


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This weekend in Vancouver was the perfect trifecta of fun: Great food, awesome fights, amazing friends. The past few days spent there proved to me once again why B.C. is one of my favorite cities in the whole wide world.

Before I go any further, let me just say one word: JAPADOG. This little food cart is located on the corner of Pender and Burrard in downtown Vancouver. I was walking with my boss Vita, UFC welterweight and superfunnyguy Mike Pyle, and Fight Day reporters Megan Olivi and Matt Brown. We were heading back to our hotel when we spotted this oasis of deliciousness. We had to check it out.

Japadog is a fitting name for a place where you can get a hot dog smothered in a variety of Japanese garnishes and ingredients. Some of the choices were Oroshi, Spicy Cheese Terimayo, Kurabuto Pork, and Edamame. My buddy opted for the Oroshi, a bratwurst frank heaping with special soy sauce, green onions, and grated daikon. I went for the Edamame, a turkey dog with terimayo sauce, edamame, and a generous sprinkling of nori. I later found out that Japadog is a favorite amongst many celebrities including travel host Anthony Bourdain, rapper Ice Cube (who ate there 8 times in one day), and MMA's very own magical front-kick wizard, Steven Seagal. ;-)

If you are ever in Vancouver, B.C. you HAVE to stop here. The line was never long and it's soooo worth it! JAPADOG!!

The Best Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the World

is in Vancouver B.C., on Robson Street. I've been to a few, but this was the best. We popped in and the wall-to-wall selection of sweet goodness made my head spin. I highly recommend a bite of the Italian cream-and-cinnamon-caramel tiramisu apple. The chocolate hedgehog was a fine choice as well.

So many choices

Cute AND delicious! White chocolate was the best

Fight Day Reporters Megan and Matt, MMA Superagent Vita, UFC fighter
Mike Pyle making their decisions.
Japadogs and Choco-Hedgehogs. It's a good thing we weren't the ones that had to weigh-in that day!!


....why everyone was booing Kenny Florian so badly during UFC 131, I'll tell you why. The UFC weigh-ins fell on the same day, in fact mere hours before the Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins hockey game, which was taking place right up the street. For those that aren't aware, hockey fans in Vancouver---particularly during playoffs---are completely insane. Why else would someone make their car look like this? (see below) That is pure dedication to your sport...bravo, my friend! Anyways, back to the story: Our good ol' Beantown boy KenFlo showed up to weigh-ins wearing a BOSTON jersey! The Canadian crowd didn't think it was so funny. Let's just say he's lucky he made it off the scale ALIVE! So in case you were wondering about the "boo's" and roaring chants of "BOSTON SUCKS!" at UFC 131, there's your answer. I did see Kenny when we were all checking out of the hotel. I'm glad he wasn't killed.

Canucks fans didn't think it was funny and wanted to punch that smirk off his face
You'd think a ride like this would be one-a-kind. This is one of many cars bedazzled in Canucks decor that I saw zipping around.
100,000 Canucks fans vs. 1 Kenny Florian aren't good odds.

UFC 131

Not much to say here except...what an entertaining fight card! I hope you all watched it. Even my Mom & Pops came out to see the show. My fighters, Dustin Poirier and Sam Stout, took home the wins and I'm very proud of them. :-) Stout even got a Knockout of the Night Bonus. If you didn't catch it, definitely look online for Stout's KO over Yves Edwards. Dana White: "It's one of the nastiest knockouts I've ever seen." Can't argue with that.

Sometimes I get good seats ;-)

Comp Tix for Mom & Pops...who's coming with me next time pakajunkers?

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  2. Japadog is great
    the wasabi mayo is killer