Sunday, July 3, 2011


We all had an amazing meal yesterday while watching the fights. Cruz vs Faber was pretty exciting and so were many others... but I'm not here to talk about that. 

The Hater aka Davecat spent a whole 1.5 hours on the grill to fill our meat-loving Korean BBQ cravings. Hats off to my favorite yobo! On the right, he had brought in some seriously good Pork Bulgogi, marinated and traditionally spicy, all the way from San "Juan" Diego. I'm not sure how to explain this but the Pork Bulgogi tasted soo authentic, like it had a real bite to the spice. Not just "hot" but a flavorful hotness. Wish there were left over of that for fried rice.

The Kalbi on the right was also tasty as ever. This time though, this Bulgogi just shined through.

I was a little busy yesterday and all I could muster up was a couple of plates of The Mac Daddy (aka Macaroni Salad) from Big Island BBQ down the street. The mayo-naisey-ness of the mac and white rice being "ground and pounded" by the spicy Pork Bulgogi was a perfect combo to the fights.

You notice I did not take any photos of The Hater's rice though. That is because its inferior to mine. I just like to show GOOD kine grindz on my blog, not junk kine.

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