Friday, July 1, 2011


I been curious about this place for a couple of years. It's just a few steps from the corner of PCH and MLK, right next to the iconic, world famous VIP Records. It's been a spot that I always forgot about. It's not that easy to see while rolling down PCH but on this very fine Saturday, I did remember and we had to make a field trip.

It was smokey outside, like the valve seals on your engine that had completely gone. But that's the bad kind of smoky. This was the good smokey, the kind that makes you hungry. They were out grilling meat fresh for the day, which is a good sign.
We walked in just before noon. I thought the place was going to be fucking swamped on a Saturday but it was only CantStayJose and I. Both of the ladies working in there were super nice; they immediately asked us if we'd been there before and if we'd like to "try before you buy".
What? We get to sample it before we eat?
She gave us a small plate of the hot links, mac & cheese, some greens and a rib tip.
From the looks of what was grilling and how much pride they had in their cooking, I didn't need samples. But we took two small sample plates anyway...  It was obvious they put love in their cooking. So this is some of the sides we had (above). Greens, mac & cheese and potato salad.
Both Jose and I couldn't decide so we ran it like we just won the lottery and got the $19 Combo Platter, which includes 1/4 chicken, 3 pork bones, 2 links and a 2oz slice of beef.
The BBQ beans and string beans were excellent. I thought the BBQ beans were so tasty, we all started dipping meat into it along with the extra BBQ sauce. I like their BBQ sauce, its got a kick to it in the end. Of course they make their own BBQ sauce. 
Sasha got the ribs. There was so much food, we had left overs the next day. So fucking full, we skipped dinner that night.

Oh shit, almost forgot. We had a peach cobbler which was quite a delight. It was gone soo quick I barely had time to get any proof of its existence. 

Oh yeah, Saturday is their BBQ day at Sistahs Soul Food. Their menu changes by the day, so you might want to look up their menu online before heading down there. I gotta get my ass back there for OXTAILS on Wednesdays!

1782 W Martin Luther King Ave
Long Beach, CA 90813
(562) 450-8853


  1. I don't believe any of that. Please invite this southern boy next time!

  2. sounds showy and yummy. damn i'm hungry now.

  3. No matter how full, I bet I know SOMEone who did not miss dinner.

    And, probably had some candy too....


  4. In the top left corner of the combo platter,
    is that a miniature pie?
    And if so, what was in it?

  5. That was a mini corn bread muffin! She actually hooked us up with a half dozen of those.