Friday, July 15, 2011


Submitted by Shin

Riding my shitty scooter almost full throttle to go to YOKAROU. That is Tokyo Tower.
30min park for 100yen ($1.25).
Ok, parked my scooter and ready to go in YOKAROU.
Ordered the "DANDANMEN" which is their standard. it was too early to have dinner so only few people were there. Look at salary man on right, playing games with his cell phone.
I was gonna eat it right away but I remembered to take a photo. In the photo, it seems oily but its not! smell of this DANDANMEN makes me more hungry.

I can't describe exact the taste. It is YUMMY but bit different compared to standard tantanmen. There are many style of Tantanmen but this is something totally different and once you had you will never forget and miss this Dandanmen.

It's lil bit hot/spicy taste, a bit sour and I  think coconuts milk and Japanese citron makes great taste. Other than that, I don't know what in it.Tastes great anyway. Broke a little sweat while eating it! 

Pickled radish on the rice.
You can take as much as you want.
Endless bowls of rice too.

you must know this ramen is not typical one.
juuuust this lil piece of char siu.
You will know if big char siu came with it, it will destroy this soup's flavour and taste.

Roppongi main street. This place has changed.
I worked in Roppongi for about 5 or 6 years.
Had drink almost every night after work.
Pretty sad, many nice bars, restaurants, and clubs were gone.

Nowadays, Nigerians, Ghana's and others Africans are standing on the side walk for dirty biz.
They pretend to be they are from America.
Hate that shit.

Roppongi is the most memorable place for me.
When I came back to Japan, this place was only the place that I could be myself.

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  1. What's the difference between Dandanmen and a regular ramen?
    Ramen is very average over here. But I have heard about a Japanese owned golf club in the suburbs north of London that does good ramens on the weekend.