Friday, August 19, 2011


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


The freeway exit near our hood used to have a stop sign just before merging onto the street. So you got off the freeway, went around a loop, stopped at the sign, then hung a right onto the street and end up in your own lane. Why that stop sign used to be there was indeed a mystery and it used to get Pepe quite excited. 

On this occasion, I was driving and Pepe was riding shotgun. We got off the freeway with 3 cars ahead of us. Here's how it went.


Me: what?

Pepe: they're all fucking STOPPING!

Me: at the sign? 

Pepe: YEAH! WHAT THE FUCK!!! So fucking irritating, dude! 

Me: wait, what?

Pepe: you get your own lane after the sign, so why fucking stop?!

Me: so you're not supposed to stop at the stop sign?

Pepe: FUCK no. 

Me: uuuhhmmm... what if they're new here?

Pepe: too bad, it's fucking stupid! I don't know why they put a sign here!

Me: so nobody is supposed to stop here?

Pepe: I said NO.

Me: what if there's a cop in back of you?

Pepe: I don't give a fuck... but I would stop just so I don't get fucked with. 

Me: so only stop at this sign if there's a cop behind you?

Pepe: just don't stop at this sign.


  1. Pepe should steal the stop sign and see how long it takes them to replace it. He could make a lovely serving dish out of it or something. In the mean time, no need to stop even if there's cops everywhere, 'cause there's no sign! No worries about getting fucked with, no stupid stop sign.

  2. NELSON...
    funny shit as always!
    hope all is well!

  3. Being as you described, well that would have a GO sign right there!
    or even a "DON'T STOP, DUDE" sign.

  4. I agree with Pepe. I hated that sign too, I never stopped either.