Tuesday, August 16, 2011


SOMEWHERE near downtown Wilmington, CA, CantStayJose and I found this taco truck. Sun was setting and the freaks were coming out that night.
After going up and down PCH around Wilmington and Carson, we came upon a parking lot security guard pointed us toward this general direction. As luck would have it, the street cuisine was pretty good. This one esse that pulled up in a pimped out 7-series was totally giving us stink eye but he ended up being alright. He recommended taco de buche (pork stomach), which he had a whole plate of and was eating it with his back on the taco truck while keeping one eye on us.
So I took the stink esse's advice and got 2 buche and one al pastor, which is marinated pork. I think the buche was just hype. I mean, it was alright but not like holy shit. I ate both of them no prob.

I did end up getting another al pastor. I'd go back to this truck just for that.

But there had to be more here. We just have to figure out what that is exactly.
And the only way is to order another meat. Jose got quesadilla with carne asada, which was good but not outstanding. The people walking by was more entertaining at this point...
Then the cook stuck his head out the side of the truck and said they had tripas that night, as a special. We ordered one each. Check out the little tubes of cow guts being fried up (above).
I thought this was going to be a lock. This HAD to be good... it had really good flavor but it wasn't crispy enough. In fact, it was barely crispy and the insides were all livery still. Like you're eating guts! Damn. But it tasted good. It this time, this taco de tripa left the both of us just eating half the little taco and bailing back to Long Beach.

I'll be back to this place again though. Didn't get to try the lengua and cabeza!

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