Friday, September 16, 2011


...looking for vampires, The Lost Boys!

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  1. My old stomping grounds, grew some 9' afghani strains
    on grandpas property on La Madrona, whewee was that
    some dank for back in the day, my buddys and i would
    all ride down to my aunts restaurant Manoffs Rancho Burger @ Water & River Sts. & she would never charge
    us, we were respectful & didnt wear it out, there was this plate called the "Freeway" that was basically an open face chili buger with spaghetti over it, damn good...its a taqueria
    now but it was there for 35 years..we could do bonfires @ 26th St. and drink beers and sleep overnight without the man coming down on us, fun times