Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Bennett's Performance put together this beauty for a dealer of ours in Japan. All kinds of polished goodness sparkling about.
Custom shovel cylinders from Axtell, external oil drains, Branch heads, S&S internals, polished stainless ARP hardware (with several one-off screws/bolts), and quite possibly the last set of Sputhe evo rocker boxes ever to leave Sputhe which were then anodized black.

JD Polishing does an amazing job. Check out the shine between each fin on the heads. What the fuuuuuck. As you may or may not know, Juan Demian of JD Polishing was the "polisher" at West Coast Choppers for several years and was taught his amazing craft through some of the regulars here at pakajunk (hi Mark).

Polished S&S Shorty's are rad too.
We're just using the frame as a stand, engine is going into something else.

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