Thursday, October 27, 2011


...knuck from Accurate Engineering. At Todd's Cycle for a customer's bike. SIXTEEN GRAND and 2 years later it's finally here. Unreal.

Yes, that's one of two Strombergs on there.

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  1. The bobber on my website I built for that guy 6 years ago, had a 103" Accurate Knuckle. S&S bottom end assembly, STD cases, and a FHP cylinders and single carb heads.It took them 1 1/2 years to deliver it from when I ordered it, and it was $10,500. retail.

    It was scary fast, though. But, on the initial start-up, I had to shut it down, because every fastner on the engine had to be torqued before I could fire it up again, it was leaking oil out of every place you could think of......