Sunday, October 30, 2011


After witnessing the brutal fight last night at UFC 137, 9half Mark, Dustinator and I decided to drown our sorrows. Not in alcohol but with an amazing 6-course dinner at Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant in Vegas.

We seen the place the night before when Dustin and I had very tasty tapas at Firefly next door, since it did state BELLY DANCER on the window facing street-side.

I didn't get a photo of every part of the course, missed a few things like the hearty veggie and lentil soup, tender beef kabobs and the pickled veggies with white bean/eggplant hummus.

What you see here is the sautéed shrimp with bread, stewed and very tender chicken thighs over cous cous, and this crazy dessert that looked like a carnival waffle cake but was much, much more... Baked, flakey goodness with bananas, some chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, and some other shit I can't remember right now.

The tea that came with it would've been an adequate dessert by itself, which we all thought was excellent.

3900 Paradise Rd
Ste Y

Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 737-5611

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