Friday, October 7, 2011


Oooh god dammit, I could not help myself with that title.

More new handle bars (as I mentioned earlier) from Illusion Cycle. You can see the design for the new bars below, which will available shortly in raw, black or chrome and with rise/height you desire.

As they held up the bars for me, T-Rod immediately rattled off some numbers he could never forget and wrote them down. Rusty had some numbers he would always remember as well.
Me: this number is... what?

Rusty: that's my state prison number, from a long time ago, way before my time in federal prison.

Me: how long were you in that time?

Rusty: short amount of time, not that long. Couple years.

Me: why were you in prison?

Rusty: I don't know... if I wanna... HAHAHA!
Me: and yours, T-Rod?

T-Rod: this is my booking number when I was charged for murder. Orange County Jail, Theo Lacy facility.

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