Monday, November 14, 2011


Submitted by June: 

I was messing around in my Pop's workshop and came across an old beat-up cigar box. I decided to use it to make a birthday present for one of my dear friends over at Black House MMA, in Gardena, CA.
Luckily there was tons of matte black spray paint and shellac laying around so I got to work.

The champ Anderson Silva's wrapped hands painted on the front of the box.

Black House sticker on the back.  (This logo was designed by none other than famed Obey street artist Shepard Fairey)
The inside of the box: "Difficult Takes a Day, Impossible Takes a Week."  This quote, taken from um, a Jay-Z song, was originally coined by the U.S. Army of Engineers during WWII (the Seabees).  But I'll never tell them that.
A few more touch ups and attached some string...finished box ready to be sent off to L.A.!

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