Monday, November 21, 2011


Submitted by June: 

For those of us that watched UFC 139 on Saturday night...

I'm sure we can all pretty much agree we witnessed history in the making.

Legendary light heavyweights Shogun Rua and Dan Henderson slugged it out in an epic 5-round battle that is now being dubbed one of the greatest fights of the century.

And rightfully so! Hendo pretty much dominated the first 3 rounds with that unbelievable right hand we've all come to love since the early Pride days. But things turned around in the last two rounds, when Shogun put the hurtin' on Henderson and ground-and-pounded him for the last 5 minutes. My description here does not do this fight was one of those matches where you're jumping out of your seat and yelling so loud the neighbors might call the cops.
After 5 mind-blowing rounds, Henderson secured the decision victory...which has become (like in so many good fights that go to the judge's scorecards) a bit of a controversy in the MMA community. Should Henderson have won? Or did Shogun really win? I say....

Who cares? The real winners here were the FANS. To me, this was the PERFECT fight: two tough-as-nails guys going at it, the American versus the Brazilian, the guy walking out to Toby Keith versus the guy walking out to techno, enough technique taking place to keep it from being a total slopfest, enough brawling to keep it scrappy and exciting, and brutal ground-and-pound mixed with vicious standup. Totally satisyfing, like a great meal prepared with the finest ingredients.

I salute you Dan Henderson! You are a real hero that showed tons of grit and heart!
And muito obrigada fulfilled the expectations of what looked like a great fight on paper, and made it even better than we could've imagined!!!

[Mahaloz June!]


  1. june, one of the best fights ever agreed!!!


    If you haven't already, check out the Alvarez-Chandler fight, available on the Bellator website. Comes close to rivaling Hendo/Rua for fight of the year!!

    Fully available for your viewing pleasure:

    Jeez I wish I managed one of these guys!!!!

  3. Hahahaha you know I'm kidding. It just felt good

  4. Nice video!!!!
    Just read Shogun had skull and facial fractures, no fight for the next six you guys think it was a fair result? half people I talked said a draw would be a fair result for the fight...

  5. Tough call, but general rule of thumb....if you are in a fight and your opponent actually fractures your skull, then you probably lost the fight

  6. Fuck no I called it 1 point it was a n epic brawl
    And both those guy are rad in my book. But the results
    Are fair in my eyes.

  7. the hands down best fight ive ever seen

  8. Perninha,

    Yes they will both be taking some serious time off! So any talks of a potential rematch or title contention for Hendo won't happen for quite some time.

    Under American rules, it can very easily be argued a draw. Personally, I think that Henderson inflicted more damage than Rua, but I might be a lil' biased since I'm a HUGE Hendo fan.

    Japanese (i.e. Pride rules) might've resulted in a different outcome. Pride judges the fight as a whole, not necessarily round-by-round... tending to signify the later rounds are more important... basically, it's all about the last man standing. Just like in a street fight I guess!

    It's interesting since both are former Pride fighters.

    So, to ultimately answer your question...if it were Pride rules, Shogun wins. UFC rules, Dan wins or very easily recognized as a draw.

    BTW, am I not the only one that is suuuuper glad we are calling him "Hendo" instead of "Hollywood" now? I can't think of a fighter less "Hollywood than him! just sayin! -June

  9. Your UFC/Pride rules comparison was a very interesting reading...and fuck yeah, he's everything but a "holywood" guy LOL :)