Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My morning started pretty groggy as I had succumbed to a little head cold. Then I proceeded to try and go on with my morning ritual, walk my dogs, check my email, etc. First thing was a message from our pakajunk Fight Correspondent, Junebug. She sent me a link to a video that has been bouncing around my head all day... and I really hate to say it but I wish it quietly would go away.

To remedy this, I thought I'd bring this back this gem instead:

Over in Sin City, I'm sure Junebug is still laughing at this little painful morning joke but I proceeded to pass along the favor to a few friends as well.


  1. C'mon, how could you not love lyrics like "Habanero, I bring the scarecrow" ??? ;-)
    Seriously, though....Ralek needs to stick to MMA!

  2. Royce Gracie and Sepultura are both great alone... but definitely not together bahahaha

  3. I thought that video was good!

    Not sure about the Ralek Gracie video though... did you click the red links?

  4. whhooaaaa.... best comment on "G in a Gi"

    "It has 159 likes cause there's 159 Gracies."



  5. Bahaha...now i got it. That's because I'm color blind, so i can't the difference between black and red, sorry.
    dude that was a funny thing to watch

  6. No can even sleep at night, G in a Gi haunting me!!

  7. @9half, I totally didn't see that! LOL

    In the description of the video, it says "the beats and lyrics are surprisingly wide-ranging and thought provoking."