Friday, December 2, 2011


Brought home a couple of burritos last night from El Taco Loco #3, which is about a mile away. I usually don't commit to a full burrito - I like having a variety of different tacos instead, but this time I got a al pastor burrito and a bean & cheese.

After treating myself with California's finest herbal medicines, I split the two heavy bad boys to share with my better half. She was much smarter than I was and only took a couple bites.

I ate both my halves with salsa roja poured on like gravy. I then proclaimed, "these fucking burritos are fucking excellent!"

Greasy bad boys were amazing while we watched Anthony Bourdain's new show The Layover.

But, oh man, am I having a rough morning. Rough.


  1. i have one recommendation: avalon clinic in long beach. its awesome!!

  2. NOW I can relate. The one thing we have here in Northern Illinois is BAD ASS Burrito joints!Although there taco's suck ass at 85% of the places. After scoping all the food on here I wish we had Ramen and Hawaiian style food.The shit looks so good! I'm always looking on Menu's for Ramen.Never see it!

  3. better hit up that herbal medicine again!