Monday, December 12, 2011


Submitted by The Hater

In ancient Korean folklore, evil reanimated corpses dwelled in caves, coming out only at night to steal peoples’ life force or “chi” during sleep, rendering the victims to forever be “living dead.” Many historians believe these to be the first cultural accounts of ZOMBIES!

According to legend, “kimchi” was invented to ward off these hybrid zombie-vampires. Kettles of the garlic fermented cabbage were kept bedside and its juice, when sprinkled in the eyes of invading zombies, killed them instantly.

No, not really.
But, did you see that frikken 7-second knockout by the Korean Zombie this weekend!?!?!


  1. could not fucking BELIEEEVE Mark Hominick got dropped like that!

  2. 4oz gloves, everyone has a chance at a KO.

  3. Mark Homigotknockedthefuckout!!!
    4 oz, 5 oz, 100 oz...don't matta fo Kimchi Powa!!...specially extra spicy, bu!!!

  4. The zombie musta forgot to eat his kimchi when he scrap George Roop.

  5. Submission of the year!
    Knockout of the year!

    What's next from the Korean Zombie?
    What other great gifts could he possibly have for us?

    Free Kalbi???

  6. Submission of the year yes, knockout of the year, no..... kalbi, then he would be a god.... not a zombie!

  7. Don't be mad Mark Dropinick got Tae Kwon DONE!

    I heard that after the fight Zombie awarded him a black belt!

    In Tae Kwon Don't!!

    10th degree!!!

  8. Ok, knockout of the year..... When HE got ko'd by roop!! Anyway fuck that faggot shit!!!