Thursday, December 29, 2011


Submitted by The Hater

So hungry, can't spare the fluid to produce actual tears? So scared to be shipped off to a communist labor camp if you don't fake it for the cameras to see?

Not south of the DMZ!

Tonight we dine not on sticks and grass, but on spicy pork bulgogi, traditional butterflied kalbi, and that wonderful delicacy, oxtail soup, like we do in The Land of The Free!
Whoa is be for the oppressed and brainwashed of the DPRK.

p.s. - In your average Korean restaurant, Taegu is not a rare treat. It's a side dish...

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  1. Great bit of social commentary Nelson . . . sad on two levels, they're so shit scared of being nabbed by the Secret Police if they're not seen to be wailin' and grief stricken and secondly . . . even though Dear Leader is now in the same place as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot et al, their lives probably ain't gonna get any better once Dear Young Bastard takes the reins . . . really dig the cultural aspects of your blog man, love food, the weirder the better. Keep it comin !!