Sunday, January 1, 2012

IF YOU LIKE GET NUTS... the bone marrow! goes perfect over a nice sliced baguette.

da buggahs been roasted inside this meaty stew for 4 hours:
Happy New Year everyone and EAT WELL!

Life's too short for burgers and fries!


  1. too fucking yummy !!! This sort of culinary sex bomb is screaming out for nicely aged chardonnay or better still a nebbiolo, a bit like pinot noir but with a lumpy cam, if the nebb proves difficult to get try a Rioja [tempranillo] or a chianti [sangiovese]. Damn, you know how to eat good food bro !!

  2. Fucking YUM!
    The older I get, the more meat becomes a vehicle for me to eat salty fatty goodness.
    Happy New Year Long Beach.

  3. mm...anyone said burgers and fries? :)