Friday, January 13, 2012


Locally famous here for their Hawaiian kalbi short rib plate, Matiki driiiives it home every time. I tried their regular "beef" and "chicken" on the menu too, but it's nothing like their short ribs.
A couple of weeks ago while I was waiting for my order, I heard the girl behind the counter say "bruddah, your lau lau plate is ready!" I was kinda surprised to hear that... I never knew they even made lau lau. So after looking closer at the menu, there it was!LAU LAU PLATE!
First things first, I asked if they made their own lau lau and she assured me that they did. I was pretty stoked. So I went back to investigate. If you don't know what this is, it's basically pork wrapped in taro leaves and steamed to a soft, fall-apart goodness. Add shoyu and it's heavenly.

Matiki's lau lau was very lean, almost too lean, but I'm not complaining. Theirs do not contain any butterfish but it's frickin PACKED with pork. I couldn't even finish that heavy bad boy - it was seriously packed! 

Lot of places in L.A/Orange County area have lau lau on their menu, but don't be fooled. The last place you want to be eating lau lau from is L&L or some other chain eateries (Loft Hawaii's lau lau was the worst ever!) check out Matiki!


  1. Lord Nelson's culinary tour de force . . . man, I'm constantly in full salivation mode and learning so much about Hawaiian cuisine reading this blog, can't wait for the chance to plow into some, cheers once again.

  2. Now we go to Wendell's for one hell of a laulau...

  3. Wendell's?! I need a full report for pakajunk, Craig!!!

  4. Haha, Wendell's was part of a comedy skit by Rap Reiplinger. Foot long laulau, even included chocolate pudding. 9 out of 10 hula girls love Wendell's foot long.

    My real favorite was Ono Hawaiian Food in Kapahulu.