Monday, January 9, 2012


Submitted by June!

Hey guys! I know, I'm suuuper late on the draw posting up pakajunk updates for UFC 141. But we did get all the results regardless, so I thought I'd just run you through a typical fight week with these guys!

The UFC has been working me like a slave doing media events, press conferences, and the usual so haven't had much time catching up on my paka-ness. Figured I'd at least share with you two with what that weekend entailed.

This is Luiz and Diego Nunes, Diego was fighting the next day and stared at that piece of bread like he either wanted to fight it, or just wanted to shove the whole thing in his mouth, nom nom nom.  Honestly, he actually (creepily) stared at it like some chick he was in love with, but I suppose I can't blame the guy.  Outback "black bread" as they kept referring to it in Portuguese is muito delicio.  I actually love the Outback! haha

Gotta be official! Need corner passes and backstage passes too!!
We had a great time just walking the Vegas Strip and Luiz loved trying on hats.  My good friend literally tried to buy one of the giant M&M figurines from the M&M factory that would never even fit in my apartment in a million years anyway!  Unfortunately, it wasn't for sale....cuz if it was, I'd have the world's most obnoxious hood ornament in Vegas.....and that's tough to pull off!

Ed Soares (manager extroardinare) fighters Diego Nunes, and Felipe Oliviera
We found a killer book on the history of boxing randomly at the MGM, however...

I just shot them looking at Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson who happened to be in that same book.  What can I say?  I love the Crue!
Then we went to go see the killer Jabbawockeez show in which they pulled me on stage for a few weird moments of dancing.  Listen, I'm not a huge "hip-hop" dance crew fan like these boys are, but let me tell you.....they were SIIIIIICKKKK!  I highly recommend watching them if you don't feel like spending $80 on cirque de solei anytime you or your chick wants to watch a show.... they were super funny. And it was honestly a fun show!
pakajunk's own JuneBug trying to act sweet before I have to put the big boys in check!
Following day.  The greatest manager in the world with Diego Nunes, finally he is happy to get food after weighing in! On the elevator, back to Outback!  Diego had made weight perfectly and he's smiling for the first time in days!
Yet, he still can't eat too much of anything....until after the fight....oh the life of a pro fighter!
We had an extra ticket!  Didn't know Nator and Nelson couldn't make it!  Was great fun!

I may be a tomboy, but every girl in a killer dress and Manolo shoes just MUST take the obligatory bathroom self-pic shot. Obnoxious, I know...but it's an unwritten law, somewhere, I know it!  Or at least in Sex & the City, haha.

Checking out the venue before the show.  MGM Grand Arena has never had any problems with lighting, sound, etc since I've been there back in UFC 29.  Looked great!
Back to the SkyLoft for dinner before the show.  You may know my brilliant street artist friend David Choe, who's done a ton of stuff for Vice, RVCA, and painted the Facebook wall offices.  Sweet goofball!  You can check out his work at It's siiiiick!  He literally just snuck in, and tagged, Pablo Noreaga's old home with his work. Gnarly but awesome! He's a nut!
Look what stellar rock drummer was in Vegas, too!  Motley Crue will be here for three weeks in February!  Yeahhh!

Artist David Choe at I Ringside after my boy Diego KILLED IT! Fun times!

I swear I wasn't drinking any Jameson's.... 

We all went to celebration dinner at some sushi spot at the MGM.  Fun!  Very proud of Diego most of all....our other boy from Blackhouse (Luiz), unfortunately his fight got cancelled because his opponent had the flu.  Bummed about that, but all in all it was a great night!

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  1. mma fun times all day everyday!!!
    wish i had your job, june!
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