Thursday, February 23, 2012


Throughout the Pacific islands, especially in the South Pacific, canned corned beef is used very frequently in their cooking. Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Fiji all the way to the Philippines, its real popular. Myself, I haven't cracked a can open in a couple of years but my dad fried up "Corned Beef Onion" to go with rice on several occasions growing up.

I went down the street to Ken's Island Market the other day to pick up a jug of Aloha Shoyu and some Redondo's Portuguese Sausage (which they were out of!). Every time I go by, I always glance at all the different cans of corned beef they have, all of which I've never seen before.

Far as names go, "Holland View" has gotta be my favorite. Ox & Palm and Crown Brand logos look cool though!


  1. Nothin' to do with corn though, the name come from the size of the salt crystals that were used in the curing process, same size as grains of corn.
    Lovely stuff all the same!

  2. Brah, try the Crown or Palm brand. That's what the Tongans & Sole's grind. They have beef chunks inside. Not all mushy like Libbys brand from Longs. You the one with the metal key to open the can. The one from small kid time.

  3. Libby's! Oh yes, I remember now. I'll try those two for sure...

    Get a loaf of Love's white bread, mix in some mayo, corned beef sandwiches!

  4. I got a case once of the Palm from my cousins funeral I thought I won the lottery .lol . I still like the crown better.