Friday, March 23, 2012


One of several boxes of t-shirts I had. Almost all of them were too big for me now but I still had to keep some of course. Many of them were given away and passed onto the next guy:

Here's a bit of fairly recent chopper history:
Josh Mills! I still hear from him once in a while, great guy:
Funny, those crazy Japanese. These guys were up and then gone within a couple of months:
I ripped off Shop Sam's around 2003 or 2004 and made these for fun:
I dug this one, a gift from Shinya while he was still with Zero. I think he only made this one in Japan:
Got this shirt while visting WCC when they were in Paramount, CA:

Iron Horse magazine from the David Snow Era was by far the biggest influence any chopper magazine had on me. I actually scored this t-shirt from David Snow himself! Too bad it was a XXL!:
Bought this one brand new at Frisco Choppers in '96 or '97, now owned by my big haole friend who has half a thumb:
There were hundreds of shirts to go through so I had to stop taking photos.
Oh, found a pair of these guys too.


  1. tell me you didn't get rid of the Dry Heaves "Goin' Down On Jesus" shirt I sent you.

  2. XXL is great for the "gangsta bruda out for murda" style...
    and at our average age, too big one day is tight fit shortly after, true story