Thursday, March 1, 2012


Tonkatsu - the Japanese pork cutlet. As many other things in Japan, they've brought it to their own perfection. You can bet that this tonkatsu was good, it looks it and the portions look unusually big too.

The guys from our Tokyo office went on a little Tonkatsu Adventure, as Shin-chan reports, "Near the train station, Takamatsu-san found a really nice tonkatsu restaurant. Big juicy tonkatsu filled out stomachs with very good taste!"
"The restaurant is called SHINWA. Photo taken above is priced at 730yen. Tonkatsu sauce tastes likes its home made."
"Your stomach will explode if you order omori gohan (extra rice) for sure. Regular rice is already almost omori!"

In case you were wondering, tonkatsu traditionally comes with shredded cabbage, rice and miso soup. Looks like they had pickled veggies on the side too. I'm jealous!

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