Thursday, April 19, 2012


This was in 2003 maybe. I forgot. Kyle was working at Speed Metal in Costa Mesa. I was broke as a joke, working 80 hours a week, my wahine was ready to leave me, but I was in eyeballs deep in chopperdome.
I remember the frame was already done before I even moved to CA. The front end from Freddie was already on there too. I narrowed the king sporty tank, made the sissy bar, pipes, mounted everything and did final assembly. Chica did all the final finishing welds and wiring.

It was my most favorite pipes I had ever made up until that time at least. I totally forgot about Kyle wanting to run a magneto, so I made the pipe go right over the cam cover by accident but he didn't care.

This was a last mock up (and running) before it was pulled apart for paint, etc.

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