Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yes, eat here. I should make a new label for "eat here" places but until then, take note. Eat here!

 I heard about this place from some Filipino's that live a block away from me. We just happen to strike up a conversation when I, of course, led them into talking about food so I could get the scoop on where else to check out...
They definitely were right about this place. I knew it was going to be good soon as I walked in.
It was typical Filipino fast food style on the left. Point and choose your combo plates. They had all the usual offerings.
But on the right side of the store was their special meats. This little piggy was calling to me. I heard it talking to me... "I'm $12 per pound of heaven! take me home!" Yes, it crossed my mind to buy this pig whole.
Here's some of the other cuts off of that pig. The pit boss lady at this place let us sample their lechon and friend smelt too. The lechon was amazing, the fat just melted in your mouth. Seriously. No chewy fat, just melty fat and crunchy skin and pork. Stevie was delighted. The fried smelt was good too.
And here is the crispy pata, which is fried pork legs. They had two versions and I think it was medium ones for $17 per piece and bigger ones for $23. Defibrillator not included. 
We sat and waited a while for them to chop up our meats and possibly re-fry our crispy pata.
Moments later, as you can see, Bruddah Stevie was frickin' stoked. I could go on and on about this place but instead, get off your ass and head to Carson!

118 W Carson St
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 935-2209

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