Monday, April 2, 2012


This place was neat, found it by accident. We were in the mood for Chinese food, so I started searching yelp and quickly found a place in San Gabriel that sounded promising. Before walking in that restaurant though (which I'll tell you about later), we checked out a couple of the neighboring shops.

Tip Top Mart is pretty neat! I don't know anything about Indonesian food, I've had it before, but that's doesn't mean anything.

We picked up a couple of these hot sauces that Sasha has been addicted to:

This bag of instant noodles was funny. I guess the girl doesn't like the slurping sound and the guy can't help himself because it's so delicious. Right?
Come on now, it's just because of the texture:
They had a LOT of fried fish crackers/chips/snacks:
I should've bought this one; did get a bunch of other shit though:
We picked up this. The lady at the register said it was a good choice. Can't wait to try it out:
Over 300 years ago, the Dutch made their way to Indonesia. Ever since then, there's been a big mix of Dutch/Indonesian people and food. So its not unusual to find stuff like this in a Indonesian market. I think it was cough drops. Looked like it tasted gnarly, had to pass:
Did you know that James Intveld is also Dutch/Indonesian? Yes, he is.

Look, its that crazy smelly Durian stuff that Anthony Bourdain said it stunk but tasted amazing. Obviously this was the paste version:

704 W Las Tunas Dr Ste E6
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 293-8882


  1. Nelson, if they have a dried shrimp paste called "terasi", grab it.
    put in a teaspoon of it with a little oil on a pan, toss in chopped chili and tomatoes, get them caramelized a bit, then mashed them with mortar and pestol.
    voila, indonesian style sambal. =)

  2. I appreciate the tip! I'm taking notes!