Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I had forgotten about M&M Soul Food. There used to be one up in North Long Beach but they were always out of this or that, hard to order. This location is different though, and I'm told it's a different owner. 

A few of us ended up here after the Jiu Jitsu tournament the other night. The place was neat and tidy, big A rating on the window, and the service was excellent. At the last moment, I saw they had oxtails on the menu so I went with it.
Lean oxtails, how I like'em... and at a soul food restaurant, of course I want gravy all over. 
The succotash was made in a pork broth, it had to be, because it fucking DE-LISH. The yams and and red beans were good too. I like when all the sides are equally good.

Check this place out, not too far off the 405 in Carson!

335 E Albertoni
Carson, CA 90746
(310) 324-5317

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  1. Tail of ox, leg of goat, that's real food there, yum, yum, yum !!