Thursday, July 12, 2012


If you've driven down Anaheim St. lately, you must've seen this newly purpled building.
I certainly have and had to give it a shot. I knew it was going to ruin me later, but I'm always putting my neck (or, uh, belly) out for you guys.
I asked them, what's the best things you guys have? They answered, "the Philly Fries and of course the Cheese Steak sandwiches". So thats what I got. Check out the cheese wiz and beef all over the fries. Oh, and onions too, dog! I'm not much of a french fries guy but it was good... but probably wouldn't order that again.
The sammy? Man, it was pretty good. I mean, I've never been to Philly for a real deal cheese steak but this one was decent. I did have a cheese steak sandwich once that was just HOURS old off a plane ride from Philly, and it tasted about the same (some neighbors flew in the meat and rolls, separately, and re-grilled them at home in LB).

Oh yeah, they got my order wrong and put American White Cheese in mine instead of wiz. I wanted WIZ!

Check this place out if you're in the mood for grease bombs!

3201 Anaheim St
Long Beach, CA 90804
(no phone orders!)

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