Wednesday, July 18, 2012


On the corner of Anaheim and Termino, there's a new spot in town to get a beer and some very decent grub. Friend of ours, Tracy Ames, opened this place on Monday and business has been pretty amazing for her. Enough that some of her menu items keep getting sold out!
We were there earlier enough (and lucky enough) to have gotten a few dishes to try out though. Fish & Chips were on the high-side of better than usual, batter wasn't heavy at all and the fish itself was good. I'm picky about fish & chips and this one didn't let me down. 
 Next up is the crab cakes, which was done far better than your average pub crab cakes that you're used to. The sauce, the crab, all that - delicious. I could eat 2 or 3 of those bad boys no problem as a pre-pre-pre-meal appetizer. 
Sheppard's Pie! I was kinda stoked on the veggies, you can tell someone in the kitchen actually cut them and did NOT just pour it out frozen from a bag. Slightly on the greasy side, but its what would expect from a Sheppard's mother fucking Pie because Sheppard's be working hard and shit and they need calories. 
We were still curious about the menu so we ordered the Lamb Sliders. Two of these hot, juicy nuggets showed up on a plate with some greenery on the side. Not sure if they had the whole lamb burger instead of just the sliders, because I'd probably get that next time.  
Hit this place up, can't go wrong. Not just saying this just because I know the lady or whatever!

4000 East Anaheim Street 
Long Beach CA 90804 
(562) 310-1038

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