Saturday, August 18, 2012

CONGRATS TO CRAIG & CHERYL! Japanese he would be Senpai, my mentor. He's an older brother from another mother, the guy I owe it to who led me on the true path of a righteous motorcycle.

Less is more, flat black, and the love of all things on two (or more) wheels. Used his wisdom in the hundreds of articles and thousands of discussions I've had about bikes, cars and sometimes even crazy women.

Known him for at least 15 years now and after the wedding, we took out our katanas and went hunting for Bigfoot in the Oregon forests. I think maybe our choice of aloha attire may have scared off the bipedal primate, but there'll be another time.

He got married today - that's why we wearing our best shirts! Craig, third time's a charm bruddah!!!


  1. Bruddah, next time we go up in the mountains in winter and hunt yetis. Maybe bettah luck, easier to track in the snow. I think we can choppah some snowmobiles and hunt in style.

  2. It was an awesome day and having you, Sasha and Nalu there made it even more special.

    You two and your Katanas!!!