Monday, August 20, 2012


On the way to the airport we came across this truck. I saw the smoker at work and did a quick check online for reviews, which was 5/5. Couldn't risk eating shitty BBQ on the plane, come on now!

Turned out excellent. The old guy who runs this deal, Jim, said to us "it's good BBQ, trust me. I'm from Texas, I know what it's supposed to taste like" and he did.

We went with a chopped brisket sandwich and a chopped brisket plate. Had mac & cheese and BBQ beans as sides.

The sandwich had lean slices of brisket, but not lean like dry. Lean but flavorfully smoked. The plate's chooped brisket had some gristle, but it was welcomed gristle!

The sides didn't keep all that warm by the time we had it on the plane, so I can't really tell you the best opinion but it was pretty good. Probably top notch when hot.

Thinking back, wish I ordered a 1/4 chicken too.


  1. BBQ on a plane...
    Don't get any better.
    The other passengers must have smelt it...
    Mouths drooling, eating a shitty sandwich. Staring at the back of your head thinking. "DAMN THAT NELSON!".

  2. Good post, Nelson. Can't beat Roadrunner. Good bbq, I mean real good bbq, here in Portland is sort of hard to come by. There's only a handful of places here that know how to really smoke. Most of the others think a smoke ring is something you do with a cigarette. Smoking something for a half hour on your stovetop ain't bbq. Even Snoop's uncle's bbq place, Reo's, is, well, not good. Sad, sad, sad. Glad you got some of the good stuff.