Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I was lucky enough to be indirectly invited to have dinner at Russ Parson's pad, Food Editor for LA Times! Indirectly? Well it was Sasha who got the invite and I happen to be the significant other. He happens to live just a few blocks away so we walked over to go whoop it up.
After a few bites of fresh guacamole on toasted baguettes, roasted almonds and a few different kinds of olives, dinner started with a cucumber gazpacho that was thickened with bread. Tasty surprises like sweet little tomatoes were hiding about.
Main course came with a tasty Ragout with eggplant, tomatoes and peppers. It went excellent with...
...these Pork Steaks which was in a marinade consisting of fennel. On the ever so salty side, but that's how I like it! I should've had a second piece.
And for dessert, some fresh fruit from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.
Those dates on the right were crazy, CRAZY good. Never had a date that amazingly sweet before, seriously. It was like fucking candy. Great night of good conversation, food, and several different wines that I know nothing of! But since I don't drink, I had a buzz going at half-glass! haha


  1. Nice... Your restaurant reviews are as good as anything I read in the Times and the LA Weekly. Looks like a good meal...

  2. hey, thanks man!!! and it really was a good meal!

  3. what a dinner, nelson!
    nice people, great meal, life is good.

  4. Nothing better than top flight nosh and a vino or two, even for a non drinker, good job man.