Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Chris Guardado aka McMuffin, whom I had met back when he was at West Coast Choppers, works in RVCA's art department. A little while back, Chris invited me to drop by the huge facility in Costa Mesa so I finally made time the other day to take to spock da place out!

10 steps in and immediately saw Trev's long bike. Frickin' Trev, he stay all ovah da place dat guy!
The RVCA compound was like a maze. All kine action going on all over. Was choice inside, any kine secret rooms li'dat. 
Places like this, the art department is always trippy to check out. Lots of inspiring art on display. Should've taken more pics. That's Scott Reynolds, he gets to work with Dennis Hopper everyday, doing sales and web stuffs!
Casey Holland, creative director and thrower of big shakas, with Aaron Rose, editor of  RVCA's ANP Quarterly magazine.
Hala, look'um - Makua Rothman's ukulele!

The warehouse was so hectic and huge. I was starting for get scared - bumbai they silk screen me and sell me by accident!
Ho, ran into the owner Pat Tenore - trip out! he had all kine aloha!
In back of the warehouse, I came into the room where some magic happens. Seen this facility in press release photos before but I never really thought I would be standing in it.
Had to, HAD TO go fool around on the mat little bit.
I standing in the same cage where da legendary Big Island Bangah train? fucking UNREAL.Chris was telling me how on any given day, choke fighters come by for work out. Of course BJ Penn and Vitor Belfort. Jason Parillo, boxing coach to the MMA stars, trains guys out of here. They had Tito Ortiz, Kendall Grove, Michael Bisping, Gerard Mousasi and even Fedor Emelienenko stop by!
Look how nuts I was, got so worked up my nose started bleeding! nah nah, I dunno who's blood that was but you know was from training hard.
I wanted for touch but Chris said no can.
...even one skatepark in the back! fuuuuuuuuck, brah... unreal, unreal.
...oh yeah, had for act like I could fight and run around the cage little bit. The octagon felt waaay bigger in person. Mahaloz to Chris! I think he grew about one solid FOOT since I saw him last time! 

Also Mahalo Nui Loa to all the RVCA guys! Everybody smiling, was good fun!


  1. Nelson-
    Thanks for dropping by, more then welcome to stop in anytime!

  2. FISH POOP!!!

  3. I remember when Conan Hayes left Ezekiel to start up RVCA. He asked my other buddy Greg Browning to come along but he declined. Man Conan is stoked now though!!!!!!!