Monday, October 15, 2012


Ate at this neat place last night. First thought was, what a bold statement for a name of a restaurant. Got stuck staring at the menu when I first walked in.

Went with their Golden Curry, which is supposed to be a vegan choice. Made with crushed almonds and tomatoes, it came recommended by our server after I kept asking what was "knock your socks off type of good".

I always like getting something interesting, not just what's 'most popular'. If I'm at a restaurant called WORLD Curry, I'm not getting the Panang or the Tikka Masala just because "it's our most popular dish".

Our server was right though, it was excellent. The crushed almonds did give it a different kind of texture. Sauce quite peppery, too, which I dug. Mopped it all up with brown rice and naan. Also HAD TO HAVE chicken in mine, otherwise I might start wearing Birkenstocks and drive an old VW van after having a pure 'vegan choice' dinner.


1433 Garnet Ave
(between Gresham St & Haines St)
San Diego, CA 92109
Neighborhood: Pacific Beach
(858) 270-4455

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  1. DEFINITELY gonna check this one out. It's a bit closer to my neck of the woods and I love good curry! Thanks Nelson, keep up the good work!