Tuesday, November 13, 2012


...guess where we went on a Sunday afternoon? You know it, braaaaah. Had to go investigate these claims about Da Hawaiian Kitchen. Bottom line is, I'll eat anywhere that serves poi. That is the biggest key into knowing whether or not a Hawaiian place is authentic - remember this, pakajunkers! Especially when you trying to seek out hidden treasures on the mainland!
This is the sign that caught my eye when driving by one night.
And this "Chili Peppa Chicken" sign is what I saw before I almost hit the curb trying to read it all. The signage you see here is actually the back of their actual kitchen. You can see the couple-three cases of spam and buckets of Kikkoman in the window. Gotta walk in from the other side.

Pretty small inside, but never had that much people anyway. About 3 or 4 tables only. Started with the poke, which is made fresh daily. They pride themselves on their poke and expect them to run out if you show up too late. Sasha thought the poke was better than Bob's Hawaiian. I thought it tasted fresh too.

Chili Peppa Chicken! Comes in mild or spicy. The mild is still pretty spicy though, which I liked. "Hard" fried, super crunchy. Sweet and spicy, they give you 4 pieces. Chicken on the bone, just how I like it.
Sasha had the Hawaiian Combo Plate. The lau lau and kalua pig was excellent. Pork very tender all around. Was all on the salty side for sure, but "a good kinda salty" as she put it. We all shared the poi (and everything else on the table)
Nalu had the Keiki meal, burger on rice with brown gravy all over. He also ate everything else we had. And I mean EVERYTHING.
I read something on the wall, saying that the owner likes Luncheon Meat for the musubi instead of spam because of the sweeter flavor. Had to check one out. Was good, yeah, I can dig the occasional luncheon meat and eggs for breakfast... but I like spam better for my musubis. 

EAT HERE! Highly recommend it. By far the best Hawaiian grindz in all of Huntington Beach. I heard that the owner is originally from Kauai, too.

Their menu is on the smaller side, not quite as big as Bruddah's or Bob's, but definitely the real deal. Plan your next feast out this way, same parking lot as Target so you can go buy socks and dish soap right after you pau and get kanak attacks!

9842 Adams Ave
Ste 104

Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(714) 968-8900


  1. Thanks for writing this review...it convinced me to try this place out! And the food did not disappoint. Ono! Will definitely go back again and again. Best Hawaiian food around.