Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Rod Chmolack from SXA was saying how Aiea Bowl was unchanged and their Oxtail Soup was off the hook, even still, after all these years.
I can completely trust Rod with his food recommendations, but I had to go see for myself!
After I walked in, I realized that I hadn't been to Aiea Bowl in over 20 years. They now call the restaurant part The Alley. Fixed up a bit too, which was nice (but personally not necessary for me!).
Oxtail Soup was good, yes. Totally hit the spot that morning. They give more meat at Pakele's in Kaneohe/Temple Valley, but I not complaining.
They even had the Brown Rice option.
Oxtail Soup in Hawaii always includes this sauce. I think its usually shoyu, maybe some vinegar, sesame seeds in this particular one, and grated ginger on the side. You this to dip, not pour into the soup. Or you can pour it in if you like I guess, I don't!

Check it out! Can't go wrong. The other grinds looked good too, but all my focus was on this Oxtail Soup. Also let me add that I ate OXTAILS THREE TIMES that week! 

Aiea Bowl
99-115 Aiea Heights Dr, Ste 310
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 486-3499

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  1. I had a killer mahi burger and a few Kona beers. We even got gourmet cupcakes to go. It was pretty awesome for a bowling alley in a dirty looking strip mall.