Friday, December 7, 2012


I was in a hunt for Puerto Rican/Hawaiian style pasteles. Found this truck on the west side in Nanakuli. I guess Malia's truck goes up and down the Waianae coast.

Got the pastele stew plate and the regular pastele plate with poke for Sasha and my brother.

Pastele stew was the bomb. Nice that both plates came with Gandule Rice too. The stew wasn't too watery, just right. Lots of meat. Should've added some chili peppa water.

The regular pasteles was just ok to me, tasted the same as any pastele would when you usually buy'um out of the back if a hatchback. Sasha and my bro said the poke tastes not-so-fresh.

They got big thumbs up from me in the stew though!

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