Thursday, January 31, 2013


Drove by this place on the way to watch a few of our guys compete in a jiu jitsu tournament. With smoke billowing out of the place and a half dozen cars eating BBQ in the parking lot, I had to check it out.
No benches or chairs, no restroom. Just BBQ.
Paul had the Rib Tip Plate with BBQ beans and potato salad.
Horse and I both had the Sliced Beef Sandwich with BBQ beans on the side.

I thought the sliced beef was good but it didn't quite rock me. Soft, lean meat sliced thin. BBQ sauce itself was decent, but not extraordinary either. All served on regular sliced bread. Would I eat here again? yeah, if I was in the neighborhood... but I'm more likely to check out Jim Dandy Fried Chicken down the street.

1050 W Imperial Hwy
Los Angeles, CA 90044
(323) 756-8405


  1. Okay, you're in my part of town now! A better BBQ spot in the area is "The Rib Nest" on El Segundo and Western. Phillip's or Woody's is the best BBQ in South LA (it's the same family that owns both chains...).

  2. Jahluv - have you eaten at Jim Dandy? You need to submit a food post sometime to pakajunk!

  3. Never eaten at Jim Dandy - I know that place though. A few lowrider clubs meet there on Sundays. Good fried chicken = Golden Bird or Honey Kettle on that side of town. I'll shoot you a not next time we eat somewhere good...