Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have a friend named Pepe. He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does. Enjoy 


I got so many messages from people that were glad to have Pepe Time back last week, I thought I'd share another little story. I'm glad these stories are making people happy and getting a laugh out of the antics by our special friend Pepe.

One fine day in Long Beach, Nator was working at home in his garage and used up all his chop saw blades. Just needing to make a few more cuts, he called his neighbor Pepe and asked to borrow his chop saw. It wasn't a big deal at all; Pepe loaned his chop saw without a problem.

When Nator was finished with his work, he asked Pepe if he wanted it back. "Naw, dude, I'll just grab it from you later". Whenever Pepe came over, on a few more occasions, Nator offered to return the loaned chop saw but Pepe always said that he'd 'get it later'.

So for about 2 or 3 years, Pepe's chop saw sat in Nator's garage under a work bench. Right next to Nator's own chop saw. It just sat and sat with the same old blade that had barely been used since that first day.

This did not sit well with Pepe. He loved talking about how he loaned out his chop saw and NEVER GOT IT BACK. In fact, Pepe had the inside scoop on what was happening with Nator and the loaned chop saw... he wasn't keeping it in his garage, no. Pepe was absolutely sure that Nator was taking the chop saw to work and making TOOL RENTAL MONEY on it!

The thought of Nator making money on the loaned chop saw drove Pepe nuts. In fact, Pepe told dozens of our friends about the very sneaky and dirty trick Nator was pulling. Possibly making THOU$AND$ on the loaned chop saw.

Pepe: fucking Nator, dude, I know he's making money on my chop saw 

Me: holy shit, Pepe, you been talking about this chop saw for years now. At LEAST 2 years! 

Pepe: so fucking what, he's still got it 

Me: then just get it back - you're over at his house every other day

Pepe: that fucker is making money on it, pssht, I'm telling you

How it works at Nator's place of employment is that there's a boss man with a whole trailer full of tools that is used by all the workers. In fact, Nator would be a laughing stock if he showed up with one chop saw to try and "rent". This type of reasoning wasn't happening with Pepe though.

Some time later, I had my chance to put this chop saw thing to rest with Pepe. A bunch of the boys were hanging out in Nator's garage, shooting the shit. Pepe and I were in my truck on our way over to hang out too. This is how it went...


Pepe: what? 

Me: we're going to NATORS!!! 

Pepe: so? 


Pepe: what? why? 

Me: you'll never have to talk about it again! 

Pepe: fuck that, dude, I don't wanna deal with that right now

Me: FUCK THAT! I'm grabbing it and taking it home for you then! 

Pepe: don't. 

Me: why not? it drives you NUTS!

Pepe: so what, don't bring it up, dude. 

Me: no fucking way! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!! CHOP SAW!!! 

Pepe: come on, dude, don't fucking talk about it 

Me [hands in the air while driving]: FUUUUUCK THAT!! CHOP SAAAAAAWW!!!

Pepe: don't, duuuude, I'm serious!!!


Pepe: come on, dude, don't bring it up. I just like having something to complain about...

Even with Pepe pleading with me, I could not help myself. I did not want to talk about that chop saw ever again. So there it was in Nator's garage, collecting dust under a work bench. Later that afternoon, Bobber Bob was curious about it too...

Bobber Bob: what was the deal with the chop saw you were making fun of Pepe about? 

Me: at Nator's earlier? you never heard about Pepe talking shit about a stupid chop saw? 

Bobber Bob: uuuhhm, kinda

Me: Pepe never said anything to you about some chop saw he loaned Nator? 

Bobber Bob: he used to talk shit about some chop saw he loaned to him, but that was a long time ago.

Me: that's the same one!

Bobber Bob: He still been talking about that chop saw?  Oh my god, that was like 3 years ago!

The End


  1. I just like having something to complain about. He's my guru!

  2. Haha! Miss the pepe stories!! MORE PEPE TIME!