Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Did you forget to eat at Bludso's since the first time I posted it? It's been almost 3 years, man. Get your ass on the 710 and head up to try this place out! What man could ever say no to BBQ? If you do not partake in the BBQ, we DEFINITELY are not friends.

So Sasha had a hard day at work and wanted to feast on someone else's cooking, so I did not waste even a moment to call Bludso's for an order of their Texas Platter.

Just off of the 710 freeway on Long Beach Blvd. About 10 minutes from my pad. If you live in Long Beach and live near any freeways, you have no excuse. It really is a quick drive.
Sunday nights are their busiest. Tuesday and Wednesdays are their slowest.
And on this Sunday night it was no exception; line was out the door. As it states on their website, the owner Kevin Bludso's originally a Texas man and learned his BBQ'ing techniques which was passed down from his great great grandfather. I can respect that.
Lets talk about the BBQ. Texas Platter comes with everything except beef ribs. Should've ordered some, but I'll report on that later. All the meats come in one big tin foil, wrapped in BBQ sauce. You would think it would all taste the same because of this but no - each meat still has its unique flavor. Pictured above is the tender pork ribs.
Its meat piled upon meat! and more meat! There's a BBQ chicken thigh behind that rib, I swear! I could eat a whole chicken from this place, which I'm planning to next time.
More pork ribs and there's the hot beef links on the right. My head's sweating just looking at the hot links again... which also makes for an interesting omelet the next morning. Oh, there's a chicken link somewhere in there too.
Pork shoulder, shredded! Dang, I forgot to take a photo of the sliced beef that was also included, which made killer mini sandwiches with the sliced white bread they provide. so did this shredded pork.

I missed a few photos but total, this is what you get in the Texas Sampler:  pork ribs, rib tip, sliced beef, beef links, chicken links and pork shoulder.
You get two big sides with the Texas Platter. I chose mac & cheese.

And the baked beans as well. I like baked beans!
Added a side of greens too. I think all the sides were decent, pretty good. The BBQ is where it's at though.
If you're going to give this place a try, start with the Texas Platter. You'll get 3 maybe 4 full meals out of it for 2.5 people. Yes, it's that big and totally worth it. It's take-out only, no tables or anything. 


Just call the number below and ask for the Texas Platter! 

811 S Long Beach Blvd
Compton, CA 90221
(310) 637-1342

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  1. Ain't no Texas bbq. No bbq sauce in Texas unless its on the side.