Wednesday, February 6, 2013


First off, if you scared of going to Compton then you're too much of a pussy and don't deserve some of the treats this town has to offer. Now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about fried chicken.

I fucking love fried chicken. Who doesn't? if you don't, then its very likely that we don't hang out. I like eating fried chicken from every culture I possibly can. Whenever I see it on a menu, I want it (but I can't have it ALL the time of course).

So it was fight night, UFC 156 and I could not stop thinking about eating Jim Dandy Fried Chicken. I was pulling myself into a self created fried chicken vortex.

Since Jahluv commented about Honey's, you know I had to go investigate. Plus Honey's is a little closer to me than Jim Dandy's, its just up the 710 and a couple of blocks off of Alondra.
I picked up CantStayJose, immediately got on the northbound 710 and had him call in an order. Figured they must have some sort of family pack, which they did, so we got ourselves a 10 piece dealio.

Chicken looked fabulous to me. I knew exactly what style of batter it was going to be before I even took my first bite; which is a not too thick but just thick enough for a fried batter loving guy like me. It came with biscuits that were better than your usual fast food joint, especially when you get them warm.
I taxed two pieces in a jiffy while watching Little Nog beat Rashad in the world's most boring fight. They weren't very greasy either, which I was surprised to find out. When I get desperate and eat Popeyes, just two small pieces will make me feel like I ate the fucking devil. My body is quickly telling me 'hey, something wrong here brah'. 
It came with cole slaw that was pretty decent. I'd get it again.
And last but not least, our second choice of sides was the gravy & rice. It had a bunch of bits of chicken. This dish came as a big surprise. It was really good. Good enough to feel like we'd been satisfied just with a big bowl of this.

So overall, CantStayJose rates this a 7/10 (FYI, Jose rates Popeye's as a 4/10). Honey's is definitely better than Popeyes, my belly tells me so, and this place is definitely worth the short drive. Although I can't go as far as giving this place the "EAT HERE" validation, I'd say you still owe it to yourself to try it if you're into fried chicken as much as I am.

I got my sight's set on Jim Dandy's next, unless Jahluv's got other recommendations... 

2600 E Alondra Blvd
Compton, CA 90221
(310) 638-7871


  1. Glad you and Jose liked it. Nothing worse than telling someone about a spot - and then getting the WTF!? response after they ate there.

    Go west on Alondra about 1/2 a mile, on the opposite side of the street from HK is "The Fish Outlet." Good fried catfish or snapper dinners (their fries are just okay) - get extra hush puppies. You will have the "itis" after eating there...

  2. That looks really, really, really good!
    I only got a few more years left where I can probably get away with eating fried chicken a lot....I'll take advantage of it! Great yummy-looking post!

  3. Gravy and rice.
    Fried up the next day with an egg on it.