Thursday, February 21, 2013


You know what I get asked a lot? "How did you find out about this place?" Well it's because #1 - I like to fucking eat. #2 - I'm not scared to try anything.

I know a lot of you out there drive right pass a decent hole in the wall and settle for that microwave disgusting Hot Pocket or whatever the fuck at home instead - DO NOT! Check some shit out, give it a shot. You not gonna die.

With that out of the way... onto this choice food truck.
Got turned onto this by Sensei Kevin & Haley Howell one day. It was just a couple blocks away by chance and of course my spider senses were off the charts. Brazilian food truck? friiiick yeah.

I seriously wanted to eat half the menu. No, maybe the whole menu. I seriously wanted to try every single thing they had.

Ta Bom. According to the website, it's Portuguese for "It's Good" and that it was.

Sensei Kevin and Haley went for the Bauru. French roll with tender chunks of steak, mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatos and pickles. Obviously accompanied by fries. 

Had my eye on these Coxinhas. I actually ordered a couple then changed my mind and got a Pastel instead. That's ok though, I got hooked up with a bite from Haley-chan! Basically a croquette with cream cheese. Could've sworn it had a pepper inside, you know, like a jalapeno popper.

Here's the Pastel, filled with ground beef and deep fried to delicious magical goodness. The outside was a thin, perfectly crisp pastry. Check out Sensei Kevin in the background, hungry after smashing all his students and making us all tap and some guys even cry. Ok, maybe only me was crying "stop, stop! I no can handle!"

I'm not big on sodas but I'll try one every now and then if its something gourmet or from another country, like this Guarana Antartica. Never seen it before in my life. Tasted kinda like Mountain Dew but much better, I thought. I'd take a can of this again!

So I had a ground beef Pastel and this bad boy, Beef Stragonoff. Yup, I've never had Stragonoff in a while and I didn't feel like eating anything with bread. I thought the Stragonoff was pretty good, I'd get it again for sure. The shoestring potato stick topping was a nice touch too. Pastel and a bowl of this was more than enough for me. 
Hope any of you readers get a chance to check out this truck. Yes, very much worth checking out. Get a Pastel no matter what, too. Check out their website for future locations:


  1. Dat is great stuff, sounds deelishus, have no fear, it's only food !!!

  2. GuaranĂ¡ is the best soda i've ever tried. Almost impossible to find in US though.

  3. I'm not sure if 9half practices complaining and being a dick... or it just comes naturally?

  4. I dont complain... the other part just comes..