Thursday, May 30, 2013


So many world champions training at our academy this week with the Worlds tournament in LB. I can't even begin to name drop them all. But I think, I, uh, dropped a couple names below:
Miyao Brothers - I couldn't help myself. If you know me, I don't do this type of shit. But I watched so much film on these guys, how could I pass up a chance to get in a shot? Their guards were amazing. Inverting, berimbolo-ing, and taking EVERYONES back. 
Then the Jiu Jitsu Priest guy from YouTube shows up. Kinya Hashimoto. He does these hour long shows on tournaments and academies all over the world... but all in Japanese. Made me really appreciate my mom speaking to me in Japanese growing up. I only know one other American that watches it and understands it.

Got a roll in with Kinya. Super fun.

Then Kinya hooked me up with a mag that was most fitting. He's the editor in chief of this quarterly publication. 

Trained every night this week. Need a night off [big time mahalo to Sasha]

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